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Fault Diagnosis


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The team at Glasgow Power Steering specialise in all makes and models of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. At Glasgow Power Steering we can locate and detect the most hard to find electrical faults on any vehicle at our purpose built premises in Glasgow. We run full checks of your vehicles with our fully trained technicians carrying out a variety of tests to determine any faults with your vehicle.

All modern vehicles use Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) to operate & monitor most electrical & mechanical components. Using a variety of sensors, these components continually feed information back to the main ECU, which allows us to determine any issues there may be and let you know what the problem is and how we propose to fix it. This vital information enables the engine management system to make adjustments to ensure that the engine runs at its optimum settings.

Should any faults be reported back to us then you may notice the Engine Management Light will light up on the dashboard and the fault that we have found will be stored in the main vehicle ECU to enable one of our vehicle technicians to connect a tester, investigate the findings of the ECU and decide on the correct diagnosis.

We have diagnostic equipment compatible with the following makes of vehicles and specialise in all cars such as Vauxhall Corsa’s, Fiat Punto’s, Renault Clio’s, Peugeot 206’s, Fiat 500, Daewoo Matiz, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Polo’s, Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, BMW’s, Audis, Citroens, Nissan Micra, Toyota Yaris, Citroen C1, Citroen C2, Citroen C3, Seat Ibiza’s and many, many more types of vehicle.

Call us now with your requirements and a member of our skilled team will be happy to help you.

Please use this fault diagnosis tool to provide a quick overview of the most likely cause of the power steering problem you have. Simply select the appropriate answer at
each stage of the diagnosis procedure.

As this tool only provides a general overview of your steering problem, we would always recommend that you phone us for a more accurate assessment and advice.

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