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Power Steering

No doubt you will have heard of Power Steering at some time or another, you may have seen it listed as a feature when buying a car ‘PAS’ or Power Assisted Steering as it is also known is a mechanism that helps you, the driver, to steer your car. In most vehicles, the PAS relies on a hydraulic system to aid in turning the vehicle’s wheels. Power Steering used to be a luxury in certain vehicles, but it is almost now standard in very type of vehicle. If you have ever driven a car with no Power Steering you will most certainly notice the difference when you then drive a car that DOES have power steering. Many people describe it as being night and day!

Primarily there are two types of power steering systems, rack-and-pinion and the recirculating ball that Glasgow Power Steering deal with. Rack-and-pinion is the system found in most vehicles. The recirculating ball is largely known as one of the first systems to be implemented in automobiles. Although not as widespread, the recirculating ball is still used in some modern vans and trucks.

A rack-and-pinion power steering system is made up of two main components: the rack-and-pinion itself and a power steering pump. Situated behind the wheels of the vehicle, the rack-and-pinion is generally a piece of metal tubing that is roughly three inches in diameter and three feet in length. Inside the tube, there is a flat piece of metal that has been cut to include teeth on its top. In the centre of the rack-and-pinion is a round seal that seals either side of the rack, one at a time.

While new types of power steering systems have been created, the centre of most systems is the pump, complimented by a belt that is powered by the vehicle’s engine. Even the older recirculating ball system borrows the pump’s concept of moving high-pressure fluid back and forth. Due to the fact that the hoses moving the fluid are susceptible to developing leaks, drivers are encouraged to have them inspected by an auto mechanic during every oil change.

At Glasgow Power Steering, we are power steering specialists. There’s nothing we don’t know about Power Steering and if there is, it isn’t worth knowing. With over 20 years’ experience and many satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and deliver of the job.

We are competitively priced and carry out most work the same day. We specialise in all makes and models of vehicles and welcome any enquiry.

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