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Vauxhall Vectra Steering Problems

Being one of the most popular cars on the road, we say Vauxhall Vectra’s in our workshops most days. Our trained technicians are the best in their field and can spot issues straight away.

vauxhall vectra steering problemsWe’ve found that electric power steering problems are most common in Vauxhall Vectra models but you have to be very careful if ordering a part online as there are two different varieties of parts that can be used for Vauxhall Vectra’s, hence why it’s best to speak to one of our trained advisors.

The most common problems our clients come to us with regarding their Vectra’s is heavy steering that comes on gradually or suddenly, a noisy power steering pump with fluid leaking from it, the vehicle pulling towards one side, or the PAS warning light illuminated on the dashboard. All of these are a warning signal that something is not right and you cannot ignore it.

Our prices are very reasonable and our trained mechanics can offer you all the advice you will need whether you choose to have us do the work for you, or if you wish to fit the part yourself.

We are based in Scotland just outside Glasgow within a 5 minute walk to Carntyne train station. We can supply all parts delivered direct to your door. We can fix most problems while you wait or visit the shops. We have excellent customer toilet facilities onsite for both male and female clients. Making sure that getting your Vauxhall Vectra Steering Problems fixed is a very simple process.

Our prices are so reasonable that is more cost effective for clients to travel from all over Scotland to get their power steering faults diagnosed and fixed by us.

Call a member of our team now on 0141 1818 to order your part or book your vehicle in or us our online contact form.